Tottenham are not Champions League contenders and it would be a ‘pure fluke’ if they won the competition, insists talkSPORT host Adrian Durham


Durham insists the fact Mauricio Pochettino’s men have not made any signings for two transfer windows underlines their lack of ambition

Tottenham eased past Borussia Dortmund to advance to the quarter-finals of the Champions League, but despite that talkSPORT host Adrian Durham says it would be a “pure fluke” if they won the competition this season.

Mauricio Pochettino’s men are 13 points behind the Premier League leaders Manchester City, and have now been sucked into a battle for the top four instead – lying just three points ahead of fifth-placed Manchester United.

Adrian Durham does not fancy Mauricio Pochettino’s Tottenham side to be serious challengers for the Champions League

Their best chance of silverware is therefore Europe’s most elite trophy, but Durham has laughed off suggestions they are serious contenders, citing their lack of investment as a sign they have limited ambition.

Speaking on Drivetime, Durham said: “How can Spurs be contenders when yoFu don’t sign players?

“I said the same thing about Arsenal, when they kept failing year, after year, after year, in this competition. They had no ambition.

“What is the point of Spurs wasting a space in the Champions League when they’re not even trying to win the thing?

“If Spurs don’t make any signings for two windows in a row and they’re involved in the Champions League, surely that tells you they’re not really interested in winning it?!

“If they do win it, it will be a pure fluke.”

Darren Gough, left, hit back at his co-host’s claim, insisting Spurs can win the competition

Darren Gough, left, hit back at his co-host’s claim, insisting Spurs can win the competition

Darren Gough hit back at his co-host’s suggestions, insisting Spurs have as good a chance as anyone of reigning successful in the Champions League.

“I totally disagree with you on this, Ade,” he explained. “When it comes to tournament football, anything can happen. When you look at Tottenham they’ve got something fantastic players.

“I’ve backed Spurs a lot this season. Yeah, they’ve had a poor run, but it happens. They’ve got proven quality all across their squad.

“They’ve got [Dele] Alli and [Christian] Eriksen – who are talked about in the sense of going to some of the biggest clubs in the world – and then you’ve Harry Kane who would command a transfer fee in the region of £150m.

“You look at Spurs and defensively they’re pretty good too. They’ve got as much of a chance as any other team in that competition.”

Durham refused to accept Gough’s way of thinking, responding: “Darren, you’re completing overlooking and ignoring the fact Tottenham have lost nine out of 30 games in the Premier League this season.

“They’ve lost at Burnley and Southampton recently. Does anybody seriously think they are going to win the Champions League?

“They may go one step further if they get Ajax or Porto in the next round, but if they’re drawn against Barcelona or Man City it’s highly unlikely they’ll go through.”


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