Inter Milan’s Champions League qualification worth a potential €63m

Inter Milan face Empoli on Sunday and there’s a whole lot more on the line than just a Champions League place.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, there’s up to €63m at stake this weekend.

A win will clinch at least fourth place and give Inter a cool €50m just for qualifying for the Champions League.

In addition, sponsors are set to kick in an additional €13m based on performance incentives.

Pirelli is set to chip in €6m, while Nike and owners Suning would toss in over €3m each.

On top of the €63m they would bring in, the quality of players they could attract would greatly vary depending on if they play in the Champions League as opposed to the Europa League.

Unfortunately for Inter, Empoli will have all the motivation in the world to take all three points this weekend, as they are only one point above Genoa in the race to avoid relegation, with Genoa owning the tiebreaker.

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